Akem Manah is a progressive doom metal collective from Belgium that was formed at the end of 2007. Its musical influences include doom and death metal, mixed with progressive elements, while the lyrical concepts are mainly inspired by existentialist philosophy and supernatural horror literature. The band was named after the Zoroastrian conceptual force of "malicious intent", as mentioned in the Gathas. It was later personified as a demonic entity of seduction towards the committing of evil deeds.

 In 2010, they wrote, recorded and released their first album, ‘The Testament of Sealant Mound’, which was very well received by both press and public. During 2011, the band recorded "Beneath", a twenty-one minute long track, combining elements of every influence Akem Manah had ever incorporated. It was released January 2012 and was met with excellent press reviews.  Over the years the band suffered a number of line-up changes, but eventually settled on a core line-up consisting of Benjamin  (guitars), Ruben (bass), Michaël (drums) and Xavier (vocals and synth) completed with latest addition Guy Van Campenhout (guitars).

They are currently working on new material.